Find the right markets for your innovation - A tool for entrepreneurs and innovators for choosing which markets to play in.

30 hours course
Certification paid
Course by EdX
What will you learn?
How to generate a set of market opportunities stemming from your core strengths
Methods for evaluating the attractiveness of market opportunities in a comprehensive manner
How to make an informed strategic choice, that will increase your chances of focusing on a promising market
Ways to balance focus and flexibility- two critical aspects for gaining success
How to develop a mindset that nourishes open mindedness and receptiveness to adaptation
How to apply a structured decision making process that facilitates team discussions and debates
About the course

As entrepreneur or innovator you are trained to run fast, but…Are you running in the right direction?

Choosing the right market for your innovation is the biggest, and trickiest, question for innovators. Research has shown that all too often entrepreneurs don’t spend enough time identifying and researching their market opportunities – instead they jump at the first opportunity that looks good, and fail to properly evaluate and leverage other opportunities. This common mistake often leads them to choose the wrong market or lock themselves into one specific direction.

In this course, you will learn how to set a promising strategy, by using a business tool called the Market Opportunity Navigator.

This tool offers an easy to apply framework to better identify, evaluate and focus on the right market opportunities.

It encompasses three simple steps, with dedicated worksheets to guide you through the process:

  • Search broadly- to generate your set of market opportunities
  • Assess deeply- to evaluate your options and compare their attractiveness
  • Strategize smartly- to focus on the most attractive opportunity while remaining agile
  • This structured tool works for entrepreneurs and managers in established companies, when-ever they need to plan or rethink their strategy.

    Find the right markets for your innovation - A tool for entrepreneurs and innovators for choosing which markets to play in.
    Learn how to apply the Market Opportunity Navigator - a three-step tool for identifying, evaluating and strategizing market opportunities - to get the most value for your innovation.
    Marc Gruber
    Marc Gruber
    Prof. Dr. École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
    Sharon Tal
    Sharon Tal
    Dr. École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
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