Excel Charts: Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts

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What will you learn?
Significantly improve your Excel reports to create more powerful graphs that communicate your information in the best manner
Learn creative & simple techniques that allow you to create your own Excel charts from scratch
Create dynamic Excel charts. Why? To save time! I have seen many cases where people are unnecessarily manually updating graphs. This costs considerable time and nerves.
Impress your management by including new Excel graphs in your reports (such as my Pin chart for variances)
Apply Best Practice methods to considerably improve the design of your Excel charts and tables
Apply techniques that highlight chart and table elements to direct the reader attention where it is needed most
Use effective Chart Combinations that are pivotal to management reports
Apply best methods to compare performance in your Excel graphs: as in Actual data versus Budget, forecasts and previous year
Learn by doing. Download the Demo Excel Workbook and follow each section with me. Once you complete a section, you will do an exercise to test your understanding. Learning by doing works best!
Learn advanced Excel lookup methods (such as matrix lookups) which you can use in your larger data files. The methods learnt in Behind the scenes secrets of dynamic charts can be applied to many other areas.
Become the Excel data Visualization star in your department by creating impressive Excel charts and graphs in your reports
About the course

Without Doubt, With This Advanced Microsoft Excel Chart Course, You will be the Excel data Visualization star in your Department! 

Significantly Improve your Reports by using Advanced Excel Graph Techniques. 

This Course Includes:

  • Downloadable Workbook to follow the demonstrations (and use the charts as your templates).
  • Downloadable Exercise Book (answers included).
  • Full set of Cheat Sheets for download in Lecture 3. This PDF document is a quick reference guide for whenever you need to create any of the charts in this training.

If you use Excel to generate reports and graphs, my
hands-on Excel training provides you with an extremely advanced toolkit worth
of knowledge that will take the design of your Excel charts, tables and reports to the next
level. It will provide you with the best tricks to create dynamic charts.
It will save you tons of time of manually updating your Excel graphs on a monthly
basis. The visualization techniques introduce you to some unusual methods to
handle and create charts which will enhance readability of your reports as well
as impress your readers. 

Lauren says: "I wish she had more courses on advanced excel and access that are formatted like this one. She frames the content in ways that are applicable to my current job. I will be able to improve my current processes and project turnaround time as well as the look/feel of my tables and charts."

John says: "Leila does a fantastic job of walking you thru the process of creating various charts from scratch. From which formula to use to step by step chart creation. As a bonus you have actual exercises to practice your new skills, Absolutely one of the best instructional courses I have taken"

Paul says: "Course is clear, to the point and very dynamic. Excellent!"

Types of Excel Charts & Excel Graphs are presented:

The content and type of Excel charts presented are those that are typical to corporate reporting. Given my background in controlling, finance and project management, I designed the training with this audience in mind and the typical methods used to report, communicate, analyze, check and plan quantitative information.

If you are a student taking this course, rest assured that you are well equipped with advanced Excel visualization & chart design techniques to impress any employer who requires you to create graphs & reports in Excel.

Demonstration will be done using Excel 2010, but all methods will be compatible with older as well as future versions of Excel unless otherwise stated in the video. My main focus is to introduce you to new “methods” of doing things which you can do no matter which Excel version you have.

Why this course is different to other Excel courses:

I will not only demonstrate to you, but you
will be able to follow each demonstration in your own Excel workbook. To make sure you have understood the
techniques, you will complete an exercise at the end of each section (answers are included but you have to try on your own first).

I place great value on keeping the training not only informative but also interesting. I know technical courses can be boring, especially when taken online. For this reason, I have mixed screen-casts together with talking head and flip chart type of demonstrations to get it as close to a classroom training style as possible.

I have also been told by many students that I have the ability to explain complex topics in an easy to understand manner. I think you will benefit from that.

This course is split to 5 major parts:

  • Methods to effectively communicate and present data trends – In this section I will also provide you with a crash course in best practices for table and graph design.
  • Behind the scenes secrets of dynamic charts in Excel, where I introduce you to key functions you need to use to never manually update your Excel charts again –The functions you learn here go beyond graphs and charts. They enable you to do complex look ups in large data tables.
  • Techniques that highlight Excel chart and table elements to direct the reader attention where it is needed most.
  • New ways to compare performance: as in Actual data versus Budget, forecasts and previous year
  • Effective Chart Combinations that are pivotal to management reports
  • This is an Excel Advanced Chart Course BUT you will be surprised how simple the techniques are once you know them!

    Introduction & Scope
    Course Introduction & Scope
    Watch this free preview to obtain a good understanding about the content and structure of my advanced Excel Chart course.
    Download Excel Files HERE
    Please download the two Excel Workbooks you see in the Resources tab. One is the Demo Workbook which I use for demonstration and the other is the Exercise book. The solution to the exercises is also provided in the Exercise book in separate tabs.
    Cheat Sheets - Step by Step Guide to Create Powerful Charts
    The attached cheat sheets provide brief and simple instructions to help you quickly create the charts in this course.  Watching the videos and following along in the Excel Demo Workbook and completing the exercises is an important part of learning. If you don’t use it immediately, you will forget. Since it’s unlikely you’ll be creating all the Excel charts in one go, these cheat sheets will help you when you get stuck. Whenever you’re not sure what the next step is, refer to them. Sometimes we also forget what type of charts are available for us. This quick guide gives you with a good overview.
    Effectively Communicate & Present Data Trends
    Effective Presentation of Quantitative Data - Overview
    An overview on how to effectively present quantitative data for Excel reports.
    Table Design - Best Practices
    Learn best practices on how to present data tables in Excel. This lecture provides you a with good overview on the methods you can use to bring attention and focus to specific sections of your data tables and what you should avoid.
    Chart Design - Best Practices
    Learn best practices on how to create Excel charts with an impact. It takes you through the methods that will help your readers to understand the message of your charts faster and not waste time trying to figure it out. It also shows you what you should avoid when designing charts.
    Understanding the Chart Tools Environment
    This demo provides a comprehensive overview of the chart options and features available in Excel.
    Simple Shortcuts to Save Time
    In this lecture you'll learn some tips and tricks on how to become faster when creating & designing charts. You'll also learn the important shortcut keys to properly position your Excel charts in your reports.
    Best Practice & Chart Options
    Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Dynamic Charts
    Why do you need this? To save time!
    • Existing experience and knowledge of Excel's basic charting options and formulas
    • This course is aimed for current intermediate to advanced Excel users and will significantly build on existing knowledge
    • Demonstration is done using Excel 2010. However, the focus of this training is to teach you new methods of doing things which you can do regardless of the Excel version you have
    Leila Gharani
    Leila Gharani
    Microsoft Excel MVP, Bestselling Instructor
    Udemy courses are suited to professional development. The platform is organized in such a way that it is experts themselves that decide the topic and when the course will start. All supporting documents are made available to you for lifetime access. On this platform, you can find a course on about any subject, and that is no exaggeration – from a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle, to managing the financial markets. The language and the course format are established by the teacher. This is why it is important to read the information about the course carefully before parting with any money.
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