Enterprise Security Fundamentals

Enterprise Security Fundamentals
2 months
Certification paid
Course by EdX
Enterprise Security Fundamentals
What will you learn?
After completing this course, students will be able to: Describe the current enterprise security landscape
Define the Assume Compromise approach
Practice Red team versus Blue team exercises
Develop organizational security preparation, processes, and responses
About the course

According to the Wall Street Journal, "All IT Jobs Are Cybersecurity Jobs Now."

In this course, we examine the concept of Red team - Blue team security professionals. You will practice Red team versus Blue team exercises, where one group of security prosthe red teamattacks some part or parts of a company's security infrastructure, and an opposing groupthe blue teamdefends against the attack. Both teams work to strengthen a company's defenses.

You'll learn how both the red and blue teams help the business attain a higher level of security, something the securityindustry is now calling the Purple team.

Note: These courses will retire in June. Please enroll only if you are able to finish your coursework in time.

Enterprise Security Fundamentals
This course provides insight into security practices to improve the security posture of an organization.
Orin Thomas
Orin Thomas
Microsoft Cloud/Datacenter Specialist. Author. Microsoft MVP & Regional Director. Technical Raconteur. Microsoft
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