Digital Technology: What Helps Us Create The Future?

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Neural networks, Artificial Intelligence, robotics - this is the future that has already come. How to fit it into the business context to increase its efficiency – the course will explore on this
What is Big Data. Motivation
How Map Reduce works
Big Data infrastructure and architecture
BI and Big Data
What is AI, DS, ML, DL
What tasks are solved with DS and ML
Occupation Data Scientist
How to solve a problem with ML
DS management place within the company
How is development done in cross-functional DS teams
What are robots and what are they
RPA-automation segments and pilot project selection
Robotization of communications
Overview of vendors
Definitions and history
Features and differences
VR and AR markets
Application areas with examples:
Technology development prospects
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Финансовый университет при Правительстве РФ
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Digital Technology: What Helps Us Create The Future?