Complete Guide to Build IOT Things from Scratch to Market

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6 hours course
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What will you learn?
Learn how to Independently Design, Code and Build IOT products.
Learn to work with Micro controllers (Arduino Uno, Nano, NodeMCU), Sensors , Relays, Displays, Keypads, work with main (220/110) and more
Learn to code using Arduino IDE from basics
Learn how to use Ethernet and Wifi shields
Learn how to connect to cloud IOT Platforms, Persist Data, Program Triggers and more
Build 3 IOT products in the course
Learn PCB designing using Fritzing
Learn Designing, Casing, Soldering and more
Learn about Manufacturing, Marketing, Certification, Angels, VC and more.
Professionally authored, edited, carefully planned and sequenced small lectures most of them under 7 min many under 5 min.
Guaranteed learning in every minute!
About the course

Imagine a world of connected "things" (devices, vehicles, buildings) able to talk to a network, internet, to themselves and be able to take actions ?

Welcome to the IOT(Internet of Things) space, a new revolution, which will have 212 Billion Installed things, 30 Billion autonomously connected things, 3 Million Peta Bytes off Embedded Systems Data by 2020, spanning across all verticals estimated at a value of $8.9 trillion.

Those are some good reasons to look in this direction, Personally it is a truly unique space, as you get to work on both the hardware and the software side of things, be able to connect to the internet and create spectacular devices and solutions.

This course is designed to enable "YOU" to create amazing IOT products and solutions from scratch all the way to the market.Learn it by creating 3 IOT devices from scratch for Home Automation, Building Security and Assisted Living use cases!

The focus in this course it to enable and equip the audience to immediately start building IOT products. We touch all the necessary software, hardware, platform, protocols, everything in between to the point it is required. Additional study material is provided for a deep dive.

Soon there will be more apples coming out of the garage! imagination will be the only limitation.

Key Course Subject Highlight's :

1) 70 + Professionally authored lectures with supporting content

2) Understand what is an IOT thing, IOT Ecosystem, big picture, Use cases, layers and communication protocols

3) Learn how to work Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano,Sensors, Displays, Keypads, Relays, Power converters the whole nine yards.

4) Learn how to connect your IOT devices to the internet over Ethernet or Wifi. Learn how to work with Ethernet Shield, Wifi chip ESP8266 and Development kit like NodeMCU.

5) Understanding software ecosystem, working with Arduino IDE.

6) Learn how to write code (sketch) for your devices, from basics.

7) Understand the different options to Connect your device to a IOT Cloud platfrom, DB's.

8) Learn how to persist data to the cloud platform using an API and HTTP methods.

9) Learn how to program triggers in the IOT platform like making a call, send an email, sending a text and more.

10) Learn how to use a Mobile APP service to create Android APP's in no time and be able to control your IOT device with it over the internet.

11) Learn PCB designing using Fritzing, Casing, Soldering and more.

12) Learn about Manufacturing, Certification, Angels, VC and more.

IOT devices You will Create in the Course :

Product 1 - Smart lights and devices Home Automation

Product 2 - Motion detector with email notification - Building Safety

Product 3 - Panic Alarm for the Elderly - - Healthcare Industry

Teaching Methodology Highlights:

1) Professionally authored and edited lectures for serious and easy learning

2) Easy presentation style, with NO power points !!

3) Generous use of technology enabled teaching products to enhance learning outcome

4) Carefully planned and sequenced small lectures most of them under 7 min many under 5 min.

5) Guaranteed learning in every minute!

6) Generous descriptions for each lecture and Section

7) All necessary codes, libraries, supporting documentation are uploaded

IOT - Internet of Things
Understand what is an IOT thing, IOT big picture, Use cases, what we will do in the course and get excited about it!
The Big Idea - what is IOT and IOT Things ?
Hello There!!!I am excited to see you in the first video of this course !!! Awesome.Now there is a point we wonder what exactly is IOT, and what are IOT things ?Well in this lecture we will de-mystify that notion and add more clarity to that question mark.A few main points we will address - getting some coordinates !
  • What is IOT ?
  • What are IOT things ?
  • Why IOT ?
  • IOT use cases
  • Business Impact
  • Target market
  • $$$$ figure value by market segmentation
  • What opportunities we have in the market
Getting excited of course !!

What are we going to do - Course Structure
Let's get down to business.In this lecture I will walk you through the entire course structure, how its laid out what we will do , the motivation behind the sequence and you will get to understand the products we will make in this course !!How many eggs do we have(pointers)
  • The goals of the course
  • What you should be able to do at the end of this course
  • The chapter and the contents of it
  • The products
  • Some helpful tips

List of all the components required
IOT - 101
Understand the Ecosystem and basics of IOT, Understand Layers, Protocols, Hardware, Software and how they work together to create IOT magicwear
Building Blocks
This lecture breaks down the IOT components to basics and uses a simple example to explain the building blocks.How many chickens do we have(Pointers)
  • Understand the IOT scenario with a simple application
  • Understand the hardware components
  • Understand the software components
  • And everything in between.
Characteristics and Levels of IOT devices - I am interesting!
Do IOT device have a character ?, Ya they are pretty dashing and have different levels !!In this lecture we will understand the basic characteristics and different levels.
IOT/communication Protocols - Hola!
So what language do these guys speak and how do they connect from a small device to the entire internet world ??
  • How many pizza slices did you have(pointers)
  • De-mystify the internet story
  • See the different layers in the TCP/IP stack
  • Understand IP allocation
  • See how it works with an example
Demystifying how the Internet works
Have you ever wondered how the internet works common in lets take a look. ?
  • De-mystify the internet story
  • See how it works with an example
IPV6 = 128 bit ... 
Hardware Stuff ( Arduino UNO, Nano, Nodecmu and Ethernet Shield)
One of the main thing of the IOT THING is the hardware. Thanks to some real smart guys sitting in Italy, UK who created credit card–sized single-board computers like the Arduino and raspberry Pi respectively. The guys from china developed a devkit which has wifi capability built in, say hello to NodeMCU. Then the world community created a host of other devices like the sensor and communication shields and bunch load of stuff.In lecture 7 and 8 we will go over these devices.How much ram do you have(pointers)
  • Take a look at these amazing devices Arduino UNO, Nano,NodeMCU, Ethernet Shield
  • Get a basic introduction
  • Pin Layout

Hardware - Shields (Wifi ESP8266, RF )
How much ram do you have(pointers)
  • Take a look at these amazing devices ESP8266(WIFI module), RF (nrf24l01 )
  • Get a basic introduction
  • Pin Layout
Software Stuff (Arduino IDE) lets Power and Play
The other main component of an IOT device is the capability to Program it !!In this lecture we will see how that's made possible by using the Arduino IDE, we will take it step by step.Pointer:
  • Understand what Arduino language is
  • Understand what is an Arduino IDE
  • Download, Install
  • Drivers, Cables
  • Understand what is a Sketch
  • Getting Comfortable
  • It will help if you have some background in electronics and know basic coding principles
Junaid Ahmed
Junaid Ahmed
Entrepreneur, Product Manager, Architect and Trainer
Udemy courses are suited to professional development. The platform is organized in such a way that it is experts themselves that decide the topic and when the course will start. All supporting documents are made available to you for lifetime access. On this platform, you can find a course on about any subject, and that is no exaggeration – from a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle, to managing the financial markets. The language and the course format are established by the teacher. This is why it is important to read the information about the course carefully before parting with any money.
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