C Programming: Language Foundations

9 months
Certification paid
Course by EdX
What will you learn?
Use logical conditions to control the flow of a program via branch statements (if-else), repetition (for or while loop) and nesting of these structures
Create and modify arrays to store integer and floating point numbers and explain how arrays are organized in memory
Create null-terminated arrays of characters to store and modify strings (of characters)
Sort and search arrays of numbers and characters using bubble sort, selection sort, linear search and bisection
About the course

Inthis course, part of the C Programming with Linux Professional Certificate program,you will learn to use logical statements and arrays in C. Logical statements are used for decision-making with follow-up instructions, based on conditions you define. Arrays are used to store, keep track of, and organize larger amounts of data. You will furthermore implement some fundamental algorithms to search and sort data.

Within moments of this course, you will be coding hands-on in a new browser tool developed specifically for this course, receiving instant feedback on your code. No need to install anything!

Why learn C? Not only is it one of the most stable and popular programming languages in the world, it's also used to poweralmost allelectronic devices. The C programming language represents one of the building blocks of modern computer information technology.

By the end of this course, you willhave gained experience with programming concepts that are foundational to any programming language and be one step closer to a career in computer engineering.

This course has received financial support from the Patrick & Lina Drahi Foundation.

C Programming: Language Foundations
Master foundational concepts in the C programming language such as logical statements and arrays.
C Programming: Language Foundations
Master foundational concepts in the C programming language such as logical statements and arrays.
Petra Bonfert-Taylor
Petra Bonfert-Taylor
Professor, Thayer School of Engineering Dartmouth College
Rémi Sharrock
Rémi Sharrock
Associate Professor, Telecom ParisTech IMT
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