Big Data Capstone Project

Big Data Capstone Project
1 hour coourse
Certification paid
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Big Data Capstone Project
What will you learn?
The Big Data Capstone project will give you the chance to demonstrate practically what you have learned in the Big Data MicroMasters program including:How to evaluate, select and apply data science techniques, principles and theory;
How to plan and execute a project;
Work autonomously using your own initiative;
Identify social and ethical concerns around your project;
Develop communication skills using online collaborative technologies.
About the course

The Big Data Capstone Project will allow you to apply the techniques and theory you have gained from the four courses in this Big Data MicroMasters program to a medium-scale data science project.

Working with organisations and stakeholders of your choice on a real-world dataset, you will further develop your data science skills and knowledge.

This project will give you the opportunity to deepen your learning by giving you valuable experience in evaluating, selecting and applying relevant data science techniques, principles and theory to a data science problem.

This project will see you plan and execute a reasonably substantial project and demonstrate autonomy, initiative and accountability.

You’ll deepen your learning of social and ethical concerns in relation to data science, including an analysis of ethical concerns and ethical frameworks in relation to data selection and data management.

By communicating the knowledge, skills and ideas you have gained to other learners through online collaborative technologies, you will learn valuable communication skills, important for any career. You’ll also deliver a written presentation of your project design, plan, methodologies, and outcomes.

Big Data Capstone Project
Further develop your knowledge of big data by applying the skills you have learned to a real-world data science project.
Nick Falkner
Nick Falkner
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science University of Adelaide
Gary Glonek
Gary Glonek
Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences University of Adelaide
Lingqiao Liu
Lingqiao Liu
Researcher, School of Computer Science University of Adelaide
Gavin Meredith
Gavin Meredith
Research Associate, School of Computer Science University of Adelaide
Ian Knight
Ian Knight
Lecturer, School of Computer Science University of Adelaide
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