Agile Reporting - Beginner To Rock Star

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What will you learn?
How to report with transparency to all your stakeholders
How to groom product baclkags
How to create a task board
How to Manage A Task Board
How do proper task board estimation
How to work with Sprint Burndown Charts
How to do proper analysis on your burndwon
How to make a release burdown
How to deal with scope creep
About the course

Agile expert Luke Angel outlines a process for reporting on the progress of your agile project.  Agile reports should be simple and easy to read, and radiate information across the room to the entire team. In this course, . Agile teams need a lightweight way to report their progress.  In this course ill show you how to prioritize the product backlog, update the task boards, and monitor your project's health with burndown charts. You'll also see the most common pitfalls, such as retrofitting and working with distributed teams.

In this course you learn:

How to be transparent
Communication Techinques
Product Backlog Managment
Backlog Grooming Techniques
Taskboard Management
Sprint Burndown Report Management
Release Burndown Report Management
Retrofitting and Working With Distributed Teams
How to Manage Scope Creep

Agile Reporting 101
Transparency Is The Key
Each of your reports communicates some color of truth. Maybe your Gantt chart is saying that you'll miss a milestone. Maybe your budget has a small variance. Each of these reports is like a little point of color, they tell you one small thing, they're not designed to communicate the big picture. For that, you have to step back and look at all the reports together. Only then will you see the whole project. Often, there are many reports that say the same thing. Some will be out-of-date, some will be confusing or incomplete. The closer you look, the less you see about the health of the project. Agile takes a different approach. Instead of numbers and variances, Agile communicates large truths with simple images. This is commonly called a team's transparency. Are they going too fast or slow? W
Communication 101
When I was a traditional project manager,I would create two sets of reports.One for the team, and one for the stakeholders.I would work on each set independently.I updated the internal reports daily.Then it would translate the same information into an executive overview.I spent a good deal of my time communicating
Product Backlog Management 101
Product Backlog 101
In traditional project management the team relies on completed requirements before the work begins.In Agile, the backlog replaces these requirements.The product backlog is a ranked list of user stories.These stories drive the project.In Agile, the backlog doesn't try to capture all the work.Instead, it's an ever changing document.The product owner has the sole authority to add or change the work to the backlog.Then the list gets reprioritized based on the changes.The highest value stories are reordered and pushed to the top.
Backlog Grooming
The product backlog is always changing.The product owner should work on the list several hours a week.They'll be clarifying the stories, and adding new ones as they find more work.In scrum's early years, this was called backlog grooming.The scrum community later changed this term,they settled on the term backlog refinement.Whatever you call it, the activity is pretty much the same.In your backlog you typically have a list of user stories.This is often called your product backlog items,or PBIs.
Daily Reports
Taskboards Creation
The task board is one oft he most recognized Agile artifacts.It's like an Agile signpost.Almost like a billboard that reads,\"Quiet please. Agile team working.\"Often managers will use the task board as a signal of progress.They'll point and say,\"This is our Agile team.\"Something about the board attracts the ohs and ahs from people who visit the team.It shows that the team is doing something different.It takes Agile from being theorysomething practical.
Taskboard Analysis
The task board is the developer's mostly widely used information radiator.A quick glance at the board should tell you everything that you need.It should be simple and clear.Still, there's some information that's not easily visible to everyone.The task board doesn't just radiate the work,it also radiates the team's passion and commitment.Is the board updated and filled with tasks?
Taskboard Management
The task board is a team report.It's designed to help the developers coordinate. if you're the scrum master of the team,then you need to help ensure that only the developers update the board.This starts with the sprint planning meeting.During sprint planning,the team will agree on the stories for the sprint.They'll put their stories in the far left, stories column.
Taskboard Estimation
In Agile, it's very important to size the work in each sprint.It's a key part of how the team plans out the project.That's another reason that the task board is an essential information radiator.For scrum teams,it's a report of the developer's workload.The board shows all the work for that sprint.
Sprint Burndown Charts And Reports
  • A winning attitude
  • Some Knowledge About Agile Would Be Helpfulll
Luke Angel
Luke Angel
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