1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP in just 1 day

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21.5 hour coourse
Course by Udemy
What will you learn?
Rapidly validate product and project ideas before spending money and resources on pursuing them
Understand how to run pitch experiments and lean models of idea validation
Gather and interpret offline feedback for ideas
Spy on potential competitors to assess their strengths / weaknesses / areas left open for opportunity
Drill down with advanced search to find adjacent and hidden competitors
Quickly setup basic pitch experiments with Launchrock landing pages
Create more complicated landing pages with Unbounce
Run basic A/B tests with your idea and landing page
Setup and interpret conversion goals for your page
Capture the right customers for your potential product with dynamic text
Add payment buttons to your page and email for the ultimate validation experiment
Setup basic ad campaigns with Google and Facebook
Interpret the results of your experiment to determine if your idea is killer
Understand the benefits and correct usages of prototypes
Understand the basic terminology used in web and design speak
Efficiently create and articulate a strategy for your product
Outline the scope and specifications of your potential product
About the course

Learn how to take ideas, validate them, and prototype them in one day, without learning how to code. Become a better entrepreneur, product manager, marketer, manager, or small business owner. Learn how experienced entrepreneurs come up with killer ideas and launch them with minimum time invested and with $0 upfront.

Are you ready to take the plunge and finally pursue the business idea of your dreams? Are you sure you have the skills and the time to be successful? Have you heard of the Lean Startup, the product framework that is revolutionizing startups all over the world? This course will teach you the skills that are essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

About the instructor

  • Top-rated Udemy Instructor with over 630+ 5-star reviews.
  • Teaches 10 different courses on Entrepreneurship.
  • Startup founder for 5+ years, raised three rounds of capital worth several millions of dollars.
  • Worked as a VC and was in charge of deal flow in Silicon Valley. 
  • Oversaw investments in large companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tesla.
  • Owns Sprintkick, an agency that builds web & mobile apps for 20+ Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Created and launched over 100+ apps in the last four years.
Introduction - Getting lean (37 minutes)
Course Overview
Welcome to the course!I created this course for a number of reasons:#1: I'm constantly asked these same two questions: "How do I get started being an Entrepreneur?" and "How do I know if my idea is any good?" For years my response has been, "Have you built an MVP?" which has always been followed with some form of silence, glossy-eyed stare, or that noise you hear when the room is too quiet...#2: When I first started business school (aka walked around in suits and pretended to be busy), I was only vaguely aware of what "The Lean Startup" was. It was being used and referenced by anyone with a mouth, but it was impossible to nail down exactly what it was and meant. Back then, there were no resources for how you would go out, be lean, and run a full "napkin idea to working MVP"experiment. And guess what? There still isn't.Enter 1 Day MVP. You're going to learn the Lean Framework, how to design experiments, how to find customers, build test pages, and actually build a codeless MVP. This isn't BS, we are actually going to do all of these things.What the course is like:If you've taken any of my other courses, you know that I teach things a little differently. Sure, you'll get a healthy dose of theory, but I don't think anything is complete (or even valuable) without following along and doing what we just learned. You'll also find that there are activities to help you follow along either with an idea of your own or one you can borrow (just bring it back before midnight) . There is also plenty of advice from my personal experience being in the startup trenches sprinkled throughout the lectures."Do I have to do everything?"I strongly suggest you start from the beginning, complete the activities, watch the follow along lectures, and try to apply these techniques yourself. Ready? Let's get started.
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Lean in five minutes
The Lean Mindset
What is an MVP?
Before we can continue, it’s vital that you understand exactly what an MVP is and what it is not. That’s what this lecture is about. We’ll start off by looking at some common misconceptions that people have about MVPs (there are a lot of those out there) and at what an MVP actually is.You’d really be amazed at the amount of people talking about “The Lean Startup” without understanding its core concept. But knowing the definition isn’t enough. It has to be used properly. In this lecture we'll also take a quick first look at the “MVP Mountain” framework, which will follow us through the rest of the course (but more on that later).At the end of this lecture you’ll fully understand the MVP and its place in the lean startup. You’ll also be familiar with the basic process that will lead you to a fully functioning MVP that you know will deliver.In this lecture we’re going to cover:
  • Some common misconceptions
  • What IS an MVP, exactly?
  • What isn’t an MVP?
  • Practical applications and examples to help you better understand the concept
Climbing MVP mountain
In this lecture we explore the process of building an MVP.A great way to visualize and to map out this process is with the “MVP Mountain” which I mentioned in the previous lecture. It’s a framework that’ll help get you from an idea to a working MVP that people want and that people will actually want to buy.Apart from being awesome, the MVP Mountain will be the structural layout of this whole course. This is definitely an important lecture.After this lecture you’ll be familiar with the stages of the MVP building process (the Mountain) and you’ll know where the course will continue on from here.In this lecture we’re going to cover:
  • The details of the MVP Mountain framework and how to apply them.
  • Why running an MVP experiment is like playing shoots & ladders.
  • Setting up a plan for idea validation.
  • The steps we’re going to follow in this course.
ACTIVITY: How would you MVP?
This is the last lecture of the first section, congrats. This is just a real short video where I explain the exercise for the end of this section. I’ll also talk a little bit about the next section of this course and what to watch out for.
PRACTICE: How would you MVP?
Section 1 Review Material
QUIZ: Do you understand the basics of Lean?
Review sheets, resources, activities - all in one PDF!
  • Familiarity with the web is helpful.
  • Computer and internet access.
  • A minimum of a half day's time to invest in the course.
Evan Kimbrell
Evan Kimbrell
Founder of Sprintkick | Ex-VC | Ex-startup founder
Udemy courses are suited to professional development. The platform is organized in such a way that it is experts themselves that decide the topic and when the course will start. All supporting documents are made available to you for lifetime access. On this platform, you can find a course on about any subject, and that is no exaggeration – from a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle, to managing the financial markets. The language and the course format are established by the teacher. This is why it is important to read the information about the course carefully before parting with any money.
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