Keep Evolving

KONEVY is a course aggregator that will make it infinitely easier to search and find the appropriate course for you from a multitude of course providers. Preparing for your next promotion, career change or just develop a hobby, KONEVY answers your question. It does the search, so you can do the work.

Our Mission

We get it that after a hard day’s work you want to go home to your family. That, as a student, you have one or more part-time jobs before or after class. That what you thought was true about your work life, no longer is. That the labour market, your career objectives, the five-year plan, all change and evolve. That you might think you like the guitar today, only to end up playing the piano by the end of the year. No matter your goals, time is limited. And with this in mind, we have created KONEVY.
How Does KONEVY Work
Type your request into Search KONEVY or choose a category
Set up filters and choose your course
Learn more about the courses that interest you
Click once to be redirected to your chosen course
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How Are We Doing This?
Konevy Platforms
By collating various educational platforms into one place and constantly updating
No need to duplicate your search on different platforms. Just type in your request, compare and choose.
Konevy Filters
By only displaying the courses that fit your search criteria
We believe that you, the employee, know best what your aspirations are and where you are headed professionally or personally. Our focus is being relevant to you.
Our Team
Konevy team
Traian Triboi
Otherwise known as the “Big Boss”. The one with the idea, who embarked on a quest for the Holy Grail of the educational metasearch engine worthy of your attention.
Angelina Adzhyyskaya
Marketing Specialist
Our tech-savvy Godmother is the one constantly putting herself in the user’s shoes to make sure that content is useful, the brand is believable and Konevy is easy to use.
Yevhen Bondarenko
Back End Developer
Our “Red Eminence“, as he holds the reins of power from behind the scenes. He’s responsible for Konevy’s smooth running. Although invisible, his work is great!
Nikita Verbickiy
Web Designer
In the Industry 4.0 age, our artistic web designer has abandoned the easel for a digital tablet and software, all the better for creating the Konevy experience.
Catalina Triboi
Content Writer
Obsessed with writing since those long-gone times of paper and pen, our content writer is responsible for the beautiful texts that guide you through Konevy.
Front End Developer
At this crossroads of design and technology is our man Anton, responsible for coding the design concept into a user-friendly interface.
Marina Laskova
Content Manager
And a thought for our Russian speakers! To give us (almost) global reach, Marina is working her magic and transforming Konevy into Коневи.
Going Forward
Our goal is to adapt the learning / teaching experience to the changing environment of the 21st century brought about by technology and societal innovation.
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