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These courses are for professional and personal development in any field. Authors themselves post courses and decide on the curricula. All supporting materials are available lifelong. Focus on the trainer’s profile, the curricula or reviews.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:106914
Free-of-charge courses on theoretical and practical university subjects matters. The authors of these courses are top universities and corporations whose goal is to maintain the highest level of quality. Only a few diplomas, as academic training programs need to be paid for.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:1646
This is a Russian course platform with a large course choice for junior specialists and students. For paid courses, you have the option of enrolling on your first two courses free of charge. There are yearly courses and shorter training programs. For some courses, retraining diplomas are awarded.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:1590
Top university courses from all over the world. These are academic and free of charge, but any qualification and diploma will need to be paid for. As well as the theoretical course, you have the practical part with quizzes and exercises. You can start at any time, but getting feedback is possible only for the real-time course, not for those on demand.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:3901
This platform focuses on technical and business skills. You pay for monthly access to materials for a chosen course. For the majority of classes, trainees apply their knowledge to real cases, are advised by a career coach and get help in the recruitment process.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:29
Netology is training specialists in internet marketing, project management, design, web development and interface design. Courses take place in a webinar format. They are recorded and available for the participants to watch at a later date. The platform is helping people hunt for jobs and it grants state-recognized Russian Federation diplomas upon course completion.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:171
Courses and webinars from leading specialists in management, programming, design and marketing
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:13
Online courses for HR, marketing and management specialists. Training courses focus on practical skills and are hosted on their own platform in webinar format.
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:36
Online courses in Internet marketing - SEO, contextual advertising and content, which will allow you to start a new career in a month. Courses include homework-tested online lessons and counseling from SEMANTICA practitioners
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:8
Online university for white-collar workers. Short-term and yearly training programmes for starting your career in finance and related areas. For those with professional experience, there are courses that focus on developing your skills, career mentoring
Course type:MOOC
Number of courses:37
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How does Konevy work?
Do you want to remain a sought-after specialist and want to put in the extra training?
Is technology changing your profession and you need to constantly upskill to be relevant on the job market?
Choosing the best courses from a multitude of dedicated platforms is not an easy task. But with Konevy it becomes quick and convenient.
Type your request into Search Konevy or choose a category.
Specify course format, language and cost.
You will receive a selection of educational products from all over the world.
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About Konevy

Aggregator of opportunities for self-development
Konevy - Keep on evolving yourself
Innovation changes the job market. In order to compete with artificial intelligence and specialists from all over the world, it is imperative to develop your skills, both professional and personal.
Not so long ago, we were inundated by educational opportunities and at a loss as to what to choose: should I opt for a course on Coursera or Udemy? Or maybe go for an actual training course?
We didn't have a platform that would collate and compare all the information using a single standard. This is where Konevy came in, in 2019. We are helping you to make an informed choice - not biased by publicity - and evaluate the essentials. A well-developed structure, a user-friendly interface and the best content will allow you to quickly and conveniently choose the format that suits you.
Konevy currently only offers MOOCs - mass open online courses. MOOCs are on an online platform from the world’s leading universities and top experts and they include video lectures, tests and discussions with participants. Some even provide feedback from the teacher. Admission for these courses usually takes place in cycles, but some are available on demand. Some platforms form specializations out of MOOCs and these are also available in our search filters.

In the near future, we will be adding other learning formats - courses, seminars, lectures, conferences and long-term training programmes.
For the time being, only on-line classes are available on Konevy.
This is education on an on-line platform from leading universities and top experts worldwide, delivered through video courses, tests and discussions with other participants. In some cases, there is also feedback from the lecturer. Enrolment is usually for the whole course, but there are some that are available on demand.